Program Overview

Global health care leaders must have expertise in leadership management, health care finance and human resource management to maintain excellence in service and patient care. The Harvard Medical School China Leadership in Medicine Bridge (CLIMB) with Harvard Hospital Leadership and Management (LEAD) program was developed to ensure that emerging health care leaders in China have access to the world’s leading authorities in safety, quality, complex organizational management and health leadership.

CLIMB-LEAD is a one-year certificate program consisting of three residential workshops (in Shanghai, China and Boston, MA, USA), pre-recorded lectures and interactive webinars focused on relevant and complementary topics. The program is designed for senior-and executive-level hospital, primary care, recuperative care, community and other health care facility administrators, chiefs of staff, hospital board members, chief nursing officers, department directors and other health care professionals with supervisory, management or executive-level responsibilities.

The program will also be of benefit to clinicians who are transitioning or seeking to transition into administrative management or executive roles. Medical and non-medical personnel and staff who aspire to become directors, executives and administrators will also find tremendous value in the knowledge and skills taught.

  • Curriculum

    The CLIMB-LEAD program employs an innovative pedagogic model of blended learning that combines live teaching with recorded online lecture material. The program curriculum is comprised of virtual class meetings held via webinars, self-paced study via recorded online lectures and three in-person workshops.


    In-person workshops will focus on hands-on skill development utilizing practical exercises and case-based material in management strategy, effective team building, quality improvement and organizational development. All enrolled students will be assigned to a team of peers to complete group projects, and will work individually on a capstone project throughout the year.

    Program Highlights
    • Access to senior faculty from Harvard Medical School, Harvard Business School and other Harvard University schools; health care experts; published researchers and accomplished leaders in information technology, quality management and process improvement from Harvard-affiliated hospitals and institutes

    • A blend of online and in-person teaching
    • Team-based learning
    • Convenient 24/7 access to recorded online lectures
    • Certificate of Completion and eligibility to become Associate Members of the Harvard Medical School and Harvard University Alumni Association (upon successful completion of the program)
    Program Structure
    • 12-month certificate program
    • Three residential workshops offering a mix of didactic and practical exercises
    • 80 online module lectures
    • 20 live interactive webinars led by expert faculty
    • Three team assignments on the topics of finance, quality and safety, and management
    • Individual assignments including the capstone proposal – three-page proposal for a change project

    Core Learning Objectives

    The curriculum will focus on critical topics to include:

    • Leading and managing in complex organizations, crisis management and optimizing quality and safety in health care
    • Capital budgeting including strategic planning, the basics of financial risk and return, and incorporating risk into capital-budgeting decisions
    • Leveraging executive decision-making tools and formal methods to assess health care plans in light of regulations and ever-changing needs in the market
    • Steps needed to foster creativity throughout a department or organization
    • How to apply each of these leadership capabilities to lead health care teams and projects to success

    Course Themes

    The lectures and webinars that encompass the curriculum will be presented through modules on the following themes:

    • Strategic Management
      • Understanding the concept of strategic management in health care
      • Developing a mission and vision statement and strategic management steps
      • Developing a marketing strategy
      • Positioning the hospital for quality
    • Hospital Organizational Structure
      • Exploring strategic hospital human resource management   
      • Managing and leading in complex organizations
      • Inspiring teamwork in health care settings
    • Financial Management and Forecasting in Health Care
      • Organizational structure and responsibilities of hospital cost centers
      • Department and individual cost centers
      • Cost center management, evaluation methods, the convergence of cost accounting, financial accounting insurance
    • Hospital Human Resource Management
      • Hospital strategic human resource management
      • Developing core values and human resource management
      • Understanding human resource management systems
      • Developing human resource incentives and control mechanisms
    • Hospital Information Technology (HIT)
      • Implementation of hospital information management
      • HIT systems
      • HIT in process management
      • HIT in quality and safety
      • Security and privacy issues in HIT
    • Medical Services Quality Management and Improvement
      • Quality of medical services management
      • Performance tracking and incentives
      • Health care quality management methods and common tools
      • Emergency preparedness and crisis management
    Capstone Project

    Training in planning and writing a proposal for a change project will be accomplished through the capstone project. Learners will develop an idea for a project and begin writing their proposals prior to the second workshop.

    Feedback on the draft proposal will be provided by faculty and reviewed by peers before learners submit their final version for ranking by a faculty panel.

    Authors of the “Top 10” proposals will be invited to present their ideas via webinars and the “Top 3” of these presentations will present at the final workshop in Boston, MA, USA.


    Workshop 1: Introduction to Leadership, Finance, and Safety and Quality

    Workshop 2: Leadership, Change, Safety and Quality

    Workshop 3: Leadership

    Sample Schedule

    Day 1

    Introduction and Overview of Program


    The Importance of Understanding Health Systems in the Delivery of Health Care

    Project Introduction and Team Meetings

    Day 2

    Transformational Leadership

    Recruiting and Retaining a Quality Workforce

    Big Data in Health Care

    Health Information Technology to Improve Safety and Quality

    Managing Your Personal Brand

    Day 3

    Evaluating the Financial Health of an Organization

    Understanding and Managing Costs of Individual Services

    Topics in Leadership: Mentoring

    Hospital Showcase

    Day 4

    Teamwork Excellence

    Capstone Project

  • Admissions


    Candidates for the program should indicate any doctoral-level degree (for example: MD, PhD, MBBS, MBChB, DNP, MSN, DMD, DDC, PharmD) or master’s-level degree (for example, MBA, MPH, MSc).

    This program will benefit hospital and other health care leaders including:

    • Senior and executive-level administrators such as vice presidents and C-suite executives
    • Chiefs of staff
    • Chief nursing officers
    • Hospital board members
    • Department directors
    • Other health care professionals with supervisory, management or executive-level responsibilities
    • Clinicians who are transitioning or seeking to transition into administrative, management or executive roles
    • Mid-level medical and non-medical personnel who aspire to become directors, executives or administrators to obtain other positions of leadership within the health care industry



    The following documents are required to apply for the program:

    • Online Application
    • Current Curriculum Vitae/Résumé
    • Personal Statement (one page)
    • Letter of Recommendation (from a department/division head, director, chair or supervisor)



    Tuition includes fees for the three workshops and all online lecture material. Fees do not include books, supplies or travel expenses.

  • Faculty

    Program Director

    Ajay K. Singh, MBBS, FRCP, MBA
    Senior Associate Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education

    Key Faculty

    Thomas Aretz, MD
    Associate Professor of Pathology
    Harvard Medical School
    Vice President for Clinical Services
    Partners HealthCare International

    Saurabha Bhatnagar, MD
    Associate Director, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Program
    Harvard Medical School
    Chair of the Clinical Competency Committee
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

    Thomas J. Bossert, PhD
    Senior Lecturer on Global Health Policy
    Director of the International Health Systems Program
    Department of Global Health and Population
    Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

    Robert K. Crone, MD
    Professor and Vice Dean for Clinical and Faculty Affairs
    Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar

    Paul M. Healy, PhD
    James R. Williston Professor of Business Administration
    Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Development
    Harvard Business School

    Rajiv Lal, PhD
    Stanley Roth, Sr. Professor of Retailing
    Harvard Business School

    Melvyn Menezes, MBA, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Boston University’s Questrom School of Business

    Margaret Moore, MBA
    Co-Founder/Co-Director, Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School affiliate
    Faculty, Harvard University Extension School
    Founder/CEO, Wellcoaches Corporation
    Founding member, National Board for Certifying Health & Wellness Coaches

    Sanjay Saini, MD
    Professor of Radiology
    Harvard Medical School
    Vice Chairman for Finance, Quality and Safety
    Department of Radiology
    Massachusetts General Hospital

    Richard B. Siegrist, MBA, MS, CPA
    Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    Co-Director, Health Care Management Program
    Lecturer on Health Care Management
    Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

    Li Zhou, MD, MPH
    Associate Professor of Medicine
    Harvard Medical School
    Senior Medical Informatician
    Partners HealthCare

    *Key faculty are subject to change