Alexander Woodman.

Building Clinical Research Skills to Advance Health in Saudi Arabia

  • Program Objectives

    In this immersive program, you will explore the latest advancements and best practices in clinical research—improving your ability to drive health care innovation and achieve better outcomes. Throughout the program, you will learn alongside a talented group of peers from around the world, collaborating to create a deeper and more enduring understanding of the topics. 

    By attending GCSRT, you will enhance your ability to: 

    • Design and perform observational and experimental clinical research
    • Analyze, interpret and present clinical research data
    • Write and revise successful grant proposals
    • Lead clinical teams across a variety of health care settings
Makiko Mitsunami.

A Bright Clinical Research Future: Clinician Completes Three HMS Programs and Becomes a Harvard Postdoc

Dr. Ajay Singh.

Program Director Ajay Singh shares an overview