In this immersive program, you will explore the latest advancements and best practices in clinical research—improving your ability to drive health care innovation and achieve better outcomes. Throughout the program, you will learn alongside a talented group of peers from around the world, collaborating to create a deeper and more enduring understanding of the topics. 

By attending GCSRT, you will enhance your ability to: 

  • Design and perform observational and experimental clinical research
  • Analyze, interpret and present clinical research data
  • Write and revise successful grant proposals
  • Lead clinical teams across a variety of health care settings

Program Themes

The program's core curriculum falls under three primary themes: 

Clinical Leadership in Medicine

Expand your leadership abilities and acquire the skills and framework you need to:

  • Manage a health care team in diverse clinical settings
  • Pilot successful collaborations within and outside your group
  • Navigate the complexities of the institution
  • Manage conflicts that arise in a high-stakes environment
Advanced Statistical Tools

Learn to utilize Stata statistical software and other advanced computing methods for:

  • Analyzing longitudinal data
  • Modeling regression and survival analysis
  • Representing polynomial trends for time (e.g., linear or quadratic) and linear mixed-effects models
  • Generating polished, manuscript-ready figures and tables
Research Ethics

Examine common challenges in the conduct and review of biomedical human subjects research, including:

  • Evolution of ethical codes and regulations
  • Responsibility of physicians as investigators
  • Preparation of the research protocol application and informed consent documents
  • Challenges of conducting research involving children and adolescents