The Leadership in Medicine: Southeast Asia Program curriculum will focus on critical topics including:

Strategic Management 
  • The concept of strategic management in health care
  • Developing a mission and vision statement and strategic management steps
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Positioning the hospital for quality
Hospital Organizational Structure 
  • Understanding US and other global organizational structures
  • Managing and leading in complex organizations
  • Teamwork in health care settings
Financial Management and Forecasting in Healthcare
  • The organizational structure and responsibilities of hospital cost centers
  • Department and individual cost centers
  • Cost center management, evaluation methods, the convergence of cost accounting, financial accounting, insurance 
Hospital Human Resource Management
  • Hospital strategic human resource management
  • Developing core values and human resource management
  • Understanding human resource management systems
  • Developing human resource incentives and control mechanisms
Hospital Information Technology
  • The implementation of hospital information management
  • HIT systems
  • HIT in process management
  • HIT in quality and safety
  • Security and privacy issues in HIT
Medical Services Quality Management and Improvement
  • Quality of medical services management
  • Performance tracking and incentives
  • Healthcare quality management methods and common tools
  • Emergency preparedness and crisis management
Capstone Project

Learners will develop a proposal for a project they plan to implement at their organization. They will begin writing their proposals after the second workshop. Feedback on their first draft will be provided by a faculty advisor as well as a peer before learners submit their final version for ranking by a faculty panel. The authors of the “Top 10” proposals will be invited to present their proposal via webinar, and all program participants will be invited to attend. The “Top 3” of these presentations will present to the class and visiting faculty at the final workshop in Boston.