The Media and Medicine program will focus on the development of each participant’s health-related storytelling project. During the course of the first workshop, participants will further refine their story and medium to deliver a pitch that will define the requirements of each project. Learners will work with established Harvard advisors to develop their project before reconvening for the second workshop to present their developed story.  

Course participants will embark on a series of modules that will inspire, motivate and drive creativity throughout the development process.

    • Workshop Modules

      1. The Power of Storytelling explores the neurobiological and psychological basis of storytelling.
      2. Stories for Social Change looks at how medical stories can be translated into dramatic television episodes to educate and influence viewers. This module will also show how a range of storytelling techniques can be used to promote public health.
      3. Evidence-Based Programs examines how we link the public to evidence-based programs that work. How can we help the public and policy makers draw on these programs to improve health around the world?
      4. Developing an Effective Communication Strategy explores tactics to break through the noise in a crowded media environment once you have developed a health-related story.
      5. Data Visualization focuses on how we can use new technology to visually present data effectively.
      6. What Are My Options? Discusses modes of storytelling, from traditional prose to digital media, that we can we use to tell powerful stories that have the potential to improve public health.
      7. The Power of the Essay examines how personal essays can open up important discussions of health-related problems. How do we tell our (and our patients’) private stories publicly? How can cases be transformed into compelling stories?
      8. Poetry and Health considers how poetry can be a powerful way to convey stories about health from traditional forms to slams. How can we draw on poetry to promote public health?
      9.  Op-Ed Writing explores how can we write the most impactful op-ed pieces on health promotion and which venues should we focus on.
      10.  Journalism and Public Policy examines how journalism can be used to affect public policy.
      11.  Podcasts and New Media examines new digital forms of storytelling. What forms work for the stories you want to tell, what tools do you need and how do you develop an audience?
      12.  Civic Media assesses how we can use the internet to tell and promote our stories. What are the most effective means to transmit our stories?
      13.  Publishing discusses how to publish one’s essays or novel. 
      14.  Cautions Going Forward: What Privacy and Ethical Issues Are Raised by Digital Storytelling? Placing our stories on social media can allow them to be used in ways we might not have imagined. How do protect the privacy of our patients and our readers online?