Pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, pediatric sub-specialists, healthcare leaders, pediatric educators and managers in nursing, social work and other related fields with a focus in pediatrics and pediatric care who are invested in advancing their career and assuming a leadership position within their organization. Prospective students should hold a master’s degree in their field of study, a doctoral degree such as PhD, or PsyD and/or a professional degree such as an MD, MBBS, DDM, DMD, PharD, DNP or foreign equivalent degree.

There’s a quality improvement and patient safety thread – a concentration that everyone will get exposure to as part of this program. There’s a leadership thread that people will get access to in order to learn how to run teams, become effective leaders and implement change. Clinical thread that will provide people insight into what is cutting edge and innovative in terms of the clinical practice of pediatrics.

Josh Nagler, MD
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician