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​With so many new and promising strategies and recent developments, the opportunities to produce and enable high-impact cancer research are unprecedented. Recent advances continue to expand and reshape our views of the essential features of cancer. We are learning important new aspects of how cancers develop, how to find and diagnose cancers earlier, how to design and unleash powerful new anti-cancer therapies, and how to evaluate cancer risk and even prevent tumors from arising. These advances are delivering useful, productive changes that lead to better cancer outcomes. 

High-Impact Cancer Research is the acclaimed Harvard Medical School postgraduate certificate program for cancer research. It teaches the principles and skills shaping today’s most important cancer research activities.  High-Impact Cancer Research faculty are distinguished leading experts who have achieved breakthroughs in fields from discovery biology to therapeutics and prevention. In this special program, world leaders in cancer research share their insights and teach this changing science. Participants learn the new fundamentals of a wide spectrum of cancer science and the skills necessary to envision, design and lead cutting-edge cancer research projects that can contribute to these changes.

    Dr. George Demetri
    Program Overview with Dr. George Demetri

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