• Introduction to Postgraduate American Medicine


    Introduction to Postgraduate American Medicine (IPAM) is a non-accredited course specifically designed for International Medical Graduates seeking postgraduate training in the United States. IPAM is taught by Dr. Kenneth B. Christopher with a focus on thoughtfully preparing international medical graduates for a career in the American health system through test-taking strategies, personal statement writing and CV presentation, application packaging, illumination of the interview process, understanding what training programs want in applicants, obtaining clinical experience in the US and how to develop a successful career trajectory. Drawing on the expertise of Harvard faculty directly involved in educating medical trainees, this program provides unique insights into the process of attaining a position in an American medical training program.

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  • Research Methods 101 for the Provider: A Guide to Critical Research Consumption

    2 CME Credits

    Research Methods 101 for the Provider: A Guide to Critical Research Consumption is designed to increase providers’ competence to critically evaluate research by increasing their knowledge of the scientific method, research design and common biases. Ideally, improvements in knowledge and competence will translate into improvements in clinician performance as they use their understanding of research to provide better care and communication to their patients.

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