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Addressing Health Disparities: Clinical Insights on Race and Social Justice

In the context of the increased attention in the lay and medical press to structural racism in the aftermath of the recent high-profile deaths of African-Americans at the hands of the criminal justice system, this web series will examine the intersections of race and ethnicity, racism, sexual orientation, social justice and health to better understand the myriad ways these important factors lead to health care disparities in our communities.

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The Pronoun Initiative: A Systemwide Introduction to a Gender Affirming Workplace

Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 1-2 pm ET

Over the past decade, the percentage of transgender employees within the workplace has grown substantially; 12% of those aged 18-34 now identify as non-cisgender (compare this to 3% of those aged 52-71). However, transgender employees often face systematic barriers within the workplace and are subject to increased minority stress and health inequities. Staff have described being routinely misgendered or otherwise disrespected in medical settings by colleagues and patients - experiences which are extraordinarily difficult and triggering. Studies have shown that employees using their pronouns in communication can help support mental health and create a sense of psychological safety in the workplace. In addition, utilizing inclusive pronoun practices in a health care system is vital in building organizational cultures of respect and belonging. This is true for each and every one of us, regardless of gender identity. Mass General Brigham is currently launching the Pronoun Initiative: a systemwide project to promote the sharing of pronouns and to increase awareness about the importance of gender identity/expression in the workplace. Mass General Brigham has dedicated itself in 2023 and beyond to cultivating a culture of learning and growth for our employees in their work and personal lives. During this session, attendees will learn about how Mass General Brigham is furthering its commitment to building a gender affirming workplace while we educate our system on gender expression and identity through the Pronoun Initiative. 

Anna Brown, JD 

Jenny Siegal, MD
Taylor Goyette-Frechette, LCSW
Shannon Wilcox 
Leeland West

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