Annie C Brewster
Annie Brewster, MD
Practicing Physician at Massachusetts General Hospital
Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Annie Brewster is an assistant professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, a practicing physician at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, a writer and a storyteller. She is also a patient diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001. In response to the disconnection she experienced in healthcare, both as a patient and a provider, and motivated by her belief in the power of stories, she started recording patient narratives in 2010. Integrating her personal experiences with the research supporting the health benefits of narrative, she founded Health Story Collaborative (HSC) in 2013. HSC is dedicated to helping individuals navigating health challenges find meaning and ultimately heal through storytelling. She is excited by interdisciplinary, cross-institutional collaborations that break through resistance to change. Annie lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with her husband, teenagers and two dogs. She is widely published in the press and is the author of The Healing Power of Storytelling: Using Personal Narrative to Navigate Illness, Trauma, and Loss (Penguin Random House 2022).