Anthiny L Komaroff

Anthony Komaroff, MD

Simcox/Clifford/Higby Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Senior Physician, Brigham & Women's Hospital

Dr. Anthony L. Komaroff is the Simcox/Clifford/Higby Distinguished Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a Senior Physician at Brigham & Women's Hospital. He has held several leadership positions, including:

  • Director of the Division of General Medicine and Primary Care within the Department of Medicine at Brigham & Women's Hospital (1982-1997);
  • Founding Editor of NEJM Journal Watch General Medicine, a publication of the New England Journal of Medicine (1987-today);
  • Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Health Publications Division of Harvard Medical School, responsible for all Harvard Medical School’s consumer health publishing—including books, newsletters, Internet content, magazine and newspaper columns (1997-2015);
  • Co-Director, Program in Clinical Effectiveness, a training program in non-laboratory investigation (clinical epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy, etc.) which trains approximately 300 fellows per year from institutions around the world;
  • Author of a daily newspaper column syndicated by United Features Syndicate in 450 newspapers in North America (2011-2016).

Dr. Komaroff has published over 270 research articles, book chapters, two books and served as editor of the autobiographies of two Nobel laureates on the HMS faculty. In the past 20 years, his publications have been primarily focused on myalgic encephalomyelitis/ chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and the biology and clinical consequences of infection with human herpesviruses 6A and 6B.

Dr. Komaroff has been a member of multiple committees convened by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and National Academy of Sciences. In recognition of his achievements, Dr. Komaroff has been elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American College of Physicians.