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On February 19, 2021, and March 30, 2021, Harvard Medical School is holding admissions Q&A sessions. We will answer questions regarding program content, the application and admissions process and format changes due to COVID-19. 
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Relying on Strong Leadership Skills to Navigate the Challenges of COVID-19

  • Program Objectives

    Given the rapid change across all sectors of health care, the importance of formal training in operational aspects of health care has never been more critical. Health care organizations require high-performing, collaborative teams that can work together seamlessly to deliver value-based care, ensure patient satisfaction and achieve better outcomes.

    In this complex environment, health care leaders must be able to navigate multidisciplinary service lines and new platforms that underpin “the DNA” of every health care operation—from electronic medical records, real-time accounting systems and just-in-time delivery of materials to a highly specialized workforce and artificial intelligence-driven technology at the bedside.

    As patients and families increasingly focus on value, efficiency and supportive care services, leaders must also be skilled at implementing and refining patient-centered programs. The MCSO program equips students with the clinical operations skillset and knowledge that are essential to leading health care organizations through transformational change in the United States and internationally.

    Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:

    • Improve overall clinical operations, manage operational workflows, optimize supply chains and facilitate hospital and system-wide innovation to provide value-care and an outstanding patient-centered experience.
    • Build collaborative teams of multi-disciplinary stakeholders, including physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses and administrators who are well equipped to work with a hospital’s corporate functions.
    • Evaluate productivity and financial measures, manage operational, organizational and capital budgets, assess physician and staff compensation and understand regulatory compliance and audits.
  • Program Benefits

    • A nine-month mentored capstone project at an HMS-affiliated hospital that enables you to shadow health care professionals in clinical operations and apply your newly acquired skills and practical knowledge.
    • Multidisciplinary faculty from Harvard Medical School and Boston-area hospitals who prepare you to lead your health care organization through transformational change in the United States and internationally.
    • A comprehensive curriculum that features interactive case studies and lectures, an innovative seminar series, hands-on simulations, traditional and flipped classrooms and a mentored capstone project at an HMS-affiliated hospital. 
    • Skills-based and team-based learning that integrates content across clinical operations management, financial and strategic planning, resource planning, quality and safety, systems design performance improvement and information systems integration.


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