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Program Overview

The Harvard Medical School Master of Medical Science in Clinical Investigation (MMSCI) Degree provides world-class training in the methods and conduct of clinical investigation for future leaders in patient-oriented research. This two year degree program, which requires students to reside in Boston for its duration, combines innovative forms of pedagogy from leading Harvard faculty with an individual mentored research experience in a Harvard-affiliated laboratory.

The MMSCI program provides each learner with the unique opportunity to perform cutting-edge research, under the direct supervision of a Harvard mentor. Guided by a dedicated thesis committee, each learner must prepare and submit two first-author manuscripts based on the work from their individual research projects. Our innovative curriculum is specifically designed to deliver the theoretical and practical skills that will complement this mentored research experience.

The central pillars for delivering our fully integrated program consist of four intensive workshops across a two year span. Between each workshop, learners will continue to acquire core knowledge and skills by way of a ‘Flipped Classroom’ series and longitudinal seminar series. In addition to the traditional learning of biostatistics, epidemiology and study design, our goal is to promote the development of critical thinking skills, writing and presentation skills and experience in leadership and management.

To complement individual learning and development, the MMSCI program places a core emphasis on skills and team-based approaches to clinical research training. Together with continual access to HMS –world renowned- faculty, the MMSCI structure is designed to ensure that students are equipped with the skills to launch productive, fulfilling and successful research careers upon graduation.

This program runs from July 8, 2019 to May 7, 2021. (The graduation ceremony is scheduled for May 26, 2021). Download the full program schedule here
    Program Overview with Ajay Singh
    Program Overview with Ajay Singh
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