Program Overview

The HMS-Egypt Clinical Scholars Research Training (CSRT) program is targeted to an audience of clinicians practicing and residential in Egypt who are seeking to enhance their skills in basic concepts of clinical research methodology and its application, understanding how to interpret and publish data, and how to develop strategies to evaluate evidence. These clinicians will be 5-10 years post-primary terminal degree (e.g., MBBS or MD). An attendance of 800 learners is anticipated. The program will comprise of 2 Egypt-based workshops each of 4 days, with an optional third option workshop for 40 participants at Harvard Medical School (HMS) in Boston. Workshop 1 will be focused on Clinical Research theory and skill set development. Workshop 2 will be focused on Interpreting Evidence, Writing Papers and Grant Applications. The optional workshop in Boston (Workshop 3) will focus on providing an Immersive Experience in the Conduct of Clinical Research. Each of the first two workshops will be held in Egypt.

  • Curriculum

    Including Workshop Information

    Learning Objectives for Workshop 1 in Introduction to Clinical Research

    • Research question development and knowledge analysis
    • Study design and practical programming training in statistical software using real-life data sets
    • Critical methodological assessment of the clinical research literature
    • Understanding the anatomy of a clinical trial

    Learning Objectives for Workshop 2 in Interpreting, Writing Papers and Grant Applications

    • Skills development in data interpretation
    • Understanding how to organize and write papers
    • Develop skills in writing grant applications
    • Understand the different approaches to summarize data (meta-analysis, systematic review, etc.)

    Each workshop will be preceded by pre-work. Learners will be provided access to approximately 10 pre-recorded lectures on the HMS Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) that they will be required to complete prior to the workshop. These lectures are associated with quizzes that will need to be completed satisfactorily.

    Learners will be provided all materials required for individual sessions, this will include but not be limited by, reading material, accesses to case materials, etc.

    Learners will be expected to attend both workshops and review the asynchronous pre-workshop assignments in order to receive a “Certificate of Completion”.


    The assessment will be a weighted assessment with the following weighted components

    • Capstone 50%
    • Formative Quiz Completion 10%
    • Attendance 10%
    • Final Examination 30%
    • A pass will be at or above the 70 percentile on a ranked list
    • Distinction at or above 90 percentile on a ranked list
  • Admissions

    Candidates nominated for the HMS-Egypt Clinical Research Training Program (CSRT) program will be expected to have a terminal medical degree (MD, MBBS, MB ChB or PhD). Nurses, pharmacists and social workers with a doctoral degree or those with a Master’s degree and clinical research experience will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


    Applications will include the submission of a CV, letter of recommendation from a supervisor, and a participant-prepared 250-word essay. The selection panel will include an academic representative from MoHP.

Faculty Director, Postgraduate Medical Education, Harvard Medical School
Associate Faculty, Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health