High-quality health care is bolstered by effective communication. Regardless of whether you are writing for scientific journals, developing grant proposals, interacting with patients or communicating with the public, communication supports outcomes. Harvard Medical School’s postgraduate health communication programs help participants present medical and health care related ideas with clarity and impact.  

These programs are designed for clinicians (including physicians, PAs, nurses, NPs and social workers), clinical investigators and researchers. They are also highly appropriate for journalists, bioethicists and public affairs specialists.

Most programs are delivered in a blended learning format with in-person sessions taking place at Harvard Medical School, as well as in locations around the world. Applications are accepted for these programs and learning experiences can also be tailored for specific groups and audiences.

Develop your career potential, build an international network of colleagues and earn a certificate from Harvard Medical School.

HMS continues to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 health situation and will communicate updates or changes as required.