Ariel D Stern headshot

Ariel Stern, PhD

Associate Professor of Business Administration, Technology and Operations Management Unit, Harvard Business School

Dr. Ariel Dora Stern is an associate professor of business administration in the Technology and Operations Management Unit at Harvard Business School. Ariel's research focuses on the management of innovation in health care, with a special interest in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Her projects seek to understand the drivers of innovation among firms and the determinants of how medical technologies are adopted and used in practice. Dr. Stern is particularly interested in the intersection of the regulation, firm strategy, and economics of health care. Much of her research concerns health care technologies that emerged in the 21st century such as digital health products and precision medicines. Her research has been cited by Bloomberg, The New York Times and National Public Radio. Dr. Stern received her Ph.D. from Harvard, where she was a National Bureau of Economic Research Predoctoral Fellow in the Economics of Health and Aging. She holds an undergraduate degree in economics from Dartmouth College, where she was a Presidential Scholar.