Sergio Ariel Godoy, MD | Effective Writing for Health Care, Global Clinical Scholars Research Training

Sergio Thumbnail Sergio Ariel Godoy is a passionate cardiologist and clinical researcher from Argentina. Dr. Godoy enjoys contributing to innovative clinical research programs that will improve the quality of life of others.

As a researcher, Dr. Godoy also understands the importance of effective communication. When he took Harvard Medical School’s Global Clinical Scholars Research Training (GCSRT), Godoy completed his capstone project on grant writing to maximize his opportunities to obtain research funding. After graduating from the program, he enrolled in Effective Writing for Health Care, where he is working to advance his writing skills. Developing written and communication skills will help connect him with vast audiences on the importance of his research activities.

Connecting with a Global Community of Writing Scholars

As a global citizen and a curious, avid reader, Sergio Ariel Godoy also enjoys learning about what makes people unique, which is why he chose the program’s Writing for the Public specialized track to learn how to best share his knowledge in public health and medicine to lay audiences.

“This writing program is just the beginning. Once I have the necessary writing skills, there will be much more that I can do,” he explains. These abilities include connecting and networking with others, which is key to developing professionally.

“My Effective Writing for Health Care teammates are all from different parts of the world. I like that we are very different in some respects. It’s a great opportunity to learn from each other,” he says.

An Interactive Program with Multi-faceted Benefits  

Dr. Godoy believes the program will help him with many aspects of his career. He has already noticed the benefits of improved communication in his full-time research work. One concept he’s learned from the program is that improving written ideas will benefit communication in conversations, too. Being able to summarize ideas efficiently is essential for successful communication.

“The program’s professors want you to learn. They want you to improve your writing skills. Writing can be a challenge, but this program builds confidence. The faculty give tools to succeed. If you write the faculty an email, you receive an answer. They answer all questions.” Dr. Godoy says. “To anyone considering applying for the program, I hope you do it.”

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