Vinay Rane, MBBS; Safety, Quality, Leadership and Informatics program graduate

Vinay Rane, MBBS is a forensic physician, obstetrician and lawyer based in Queensland, Australia at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in Herston. Vinay was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in 2014 to examine the provision of obstetric services to disadvantaged women’s groups.

Vinay Rane

The notion that clinicians and systems should and can learn from adverse outcomes is not at all a new one. Moreover, it is self evident that innovation is a core characteristic of high quality institutions. Despite this, translating the ability to learn from mistakes and institute novel innovations into clinical practice is not always a simple process.

The Harvard Medical School Safety, Quality, Informatics and Leadership (SQIL) program provides clinicians and key quality stakeholders with the framework and the necessary tools to do exactly this. Capitalizing on established Harvard acclaim, the SQIL program brings together the world’s best experts in quality, safety, informatics and health leadership to ensure high value content for the program participants.

The program’s structure guarantees unprecedented access to some of the globe’s best-known forward thinkers in health leadership and quality care. Program components are delivered via a series of online lectures, interactive webinars, and team and individual assignments. However, for me the highlight was the series of three workshop intensives held at Imperial College London, Dubai and Harvard’s home in Boston.

A real bonus of the program format is the ability to forge lasting fellowship and collaboration with other program participants. 

The SQIL program attracts a truly international cohort of highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals from diverse backgrounds of proven prior success. Already a variety of spin-off projects and partnerships have commenced among program alumni and I expect that these relationships will continue long-term and produce some real game changing innovations.

Whether one is relatively new to quality and safety or needs to bolster existing leadership skills, or is simply in the process of moving toward a patient focused model of health care delivery, the Harvard SQIL program provides an incomparable experience.