• Program Objectives

    This program is designed to help participants make high-impact contributions that lead to better cancer outcomes. Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

    1. Understand the molecular and cellular basis of cancer development, detection, diagnosis, treatment and prevention
    2. Learn about key advances within the context of clinical presentation of various human tumors and ways it is currently being used to develop the growing set of therapeutic and preventive approaches to fight cancer
    3. Hear about new cancer treatments from the individuals who developed the therapies and are testing them in ongoing clinical trials
    4. Hone skills necessary to identify and answer key questions needed to make future contributions and to effectively communicate your ideas and conclusions
    5. Acquire critical skills to interpret and assess emerging cancer research
    6. Envision and design cancer research projects
    7. Develop writing skills for personal career advancement (e.g., grant applications or funding requests; the science section of a business plan designed to highlight a particular commercial opportunity; papers suitable for submission and publication)
    8. Build an international network of colleagues and work effectively with international peers

Course Directors