Dean David Roberts & Dr. Ajay Singh
Question and Answer Session with Dean David Roberts and Senior Associate Dean Ajay Singh
  • Program Objectives

    SQIL’s goal is for participants to attain fundamental knowledge in four key areas that comprise the Institute of Medicine's Learning Health System concept– patient safety, quality, informatics and leadership. Through a blended learning format, participants will gain the tools, skills and confidence to play a key role as leaders in their local health care system.

    Upon completion of the program, participants will be fully equipped to:

    • Apply key concepts in patient safety, quality, informatics—grounded in the concept of Learning Health Systems—to real-world health problems
    • Identify barriers to change within complex health care systems
    • Cultivate a toolkit of strategies to address challenges encountered in solving problems related to the interplay of quality, safety and informatics
    • Develop and sharpen personal leadership and communication skills
    • Use Harvard Business School Case Method teaching to illustrate and learn from case scenarios in an interactive setting
    • Building on all of the above, develop plans for quality improvement, patient safety and/or informatics within the participant’s own health care organization or system
    • Design a learning cycle process to address a stated health problem

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