Dean David Roberts & Dr. Ajay Singh
Question and Answer Session with Dean David Roberts and Senior Associate Dean Ajay Singh
  • Program Objectives

    SQIL’s goal is for participants to attain fundamental knowledge in four key areas that comprise the Institute of Medicine's Learning Health System concept– patient safety, quality, informatics and leadership. Through a blended learning format, participants will gain the tools, skills and confidence to play a key role as leaders in their local health care system.

    Upon completion of the program, participants will be fully equipped to:

    • Apply key concepts in patient safety, quality, informatics—grounded in the concept of Learning Health Systems—to real-world health problems
    • Identify barriers to change within complex health care systems
    • Cultivate a toolkit of strategies to address challenges encountered in solving problems related to the interplay of quality, safety and informatics
    • Develop and sharpen personal leadership and communication skills
    • Use Harvard Business School Case Method teaching to illustrate and learn from case scenarios in an interactive setting
    • Building on all of the above, develop plans for quality improvement, patient safety and/or informatics within the participant’s own health care organization or system
    • Design a learning cycle process to address a stated health problem
  • Student Requirements and Expectations

    What is the time requirement for a student in this program?
    Time requirement really depends on where we are along the course. For example, if it is a workshop week, we advise participants to request time off for the 4-5 days of workshop as they are full day programs that consist of pre-work and readings.

    On non-workshop weeks, we expect participants to work with team members on communication for team based assignments and allocate their time, as needed, to work on quizzes (self-paced), capstone, and webinars within their individual schedule. The syllabus and Canvas course will outline deadlines and due dates for assignments to help participants with their planning and time management. Many participants have described the program as a part-time role and have tried to plan times to work on the course materials during the week. The more you can plan ahead for timing, the better prepared you may feel. We understand, however, that sometimes this simply is impossible given competing priorities. We work closely to support participants in completing all of the requirements needed to earn the certificate of completion.

    Does this program have any exams?
    The program has two exams, a mid-term and a final. The mid-term consists of 20 questions that cover the first half of the program content. The final exam consists of a combination of multiple-choice and discussion questions that cover the second half of the program. The requirement to pass both exams is a grade of at least 70%. Participants are given the opportunity to work on the exams over the course of 3 days, at their own pace. Should participants need an extension, or need to retake to meet the grade requirement, the education team works with participants to determine an academic plan.

    What are the requirements for graduation? How does learning get assessed? 
    In order for a participant to earn their certificate of completion, they must:

    • Participate in all 3 workshops;
    • Complete all module quizzes with a grade of at least 70%;
    • Complete all three team assignments;
    • Attend live at least 75% of all webinars;
    • Complete the mid-term and final exam with a grade of at least 70%;
    • Successfully complete the Capstone Project

    *Grading rubrics are posted with assignment instructions, on the syllabus, and are reviewed by faculty prior to assignment release dates so participants are aware of assessment criteria. The education team works with participants to meet academic requirements to complete the program.

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